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Talent Resume

Measurements and Basic Information:

• Age: 18
• Height: 5' 3"
• Hair: Dark brown, past shoulders, layered
• Weight: 103
• Eyes: Green/Hazel
• Bust: 36 C
• Waist: 26
• Hips: 36
• Dress: 3/4
• Shoe: 7
• Complexion: Fair
• Ethnicity: Caucasian


• 2 Short films.
• From age 8 to age 17 I have been involved with the following groups: Church choir, school choir and The Playfellows Skylarks and Playfellows Theatre.
• From age 8 to age 11 I have done numerous vocal performances as a soloist and in children’s choir during church services, at local parks and other social events. I also performed in the church drama outreach program. I performed impromptu puppet work in our children’s ministries program. I created and vocalized many different character personas. I also competed at in a girl’s vocal competition at church camp. At age 9 I was chosen as one of two “angels” to stand next to a manger scene during a Christmas performance at church.
• Performed in 2 spring concerts and 2 winter concerts for our school choir. I also did a duet in the first spring concert and in the second I had a theatrical part.
• Danced, acted, and sang during a Christmas production at church at age 16.
• During the Holiday season of 2003: I sang with The Playfellows Skylarks at a local performance of the Nutcracker Ballet. I acted as the Spirit of Christmas Present in a Playfellows Production A Christmas Carol on December 5th. I caroled in period costumes with the Skylarks at local businesses on rotating Saturdays between November and December. Also on alternating Sundays I sang Christmas carols with the Skylarks to provide Yuletide ambiance at Classic on Noble between November and December. I was featured on the local news twice with the Skylarks.
• I participated in a Glamour Model Pageant on November 7th 2004. Won 1st Runner up in Beauty and won 1st Place in Talent.
• Television appearance on WJSU TV 24 on November 10th 2004 with The Playfellows Skylarks.
• On Saturdays and Sundays during 2004’s Christmas season I performed with The Playfellows Skylarks as a soloist and in the choir.
• Performed with Skylarks at a local performance of The Nutcracker Ballet on December 5th 2004.
• Performed with Skylarks on December 6th at Classic on Noble for The Civitan Club’s Christmas party.
• Performed with Skylarks on WDNG radio (local AM station) on December 7th 2004.
• Performed in local parade on December 9th with the Skylarks.
• Acted as Sallie Moffat in A Playfellows Production of Little Women on December 12th 2004.

In spring 2004 I appeared in two short films directed by a high school student for her Photo/Video class. Both were silent films. In the first I played a young woman grieving over her deceased fiancÚ, in the second I acted as an apparition of a young man's girlfriend. We used my home and a nearby cemetery as the setting for both films.

During 2001 to 2002 I was on the local Christian station a few times for various events during different church services and ceremonies. I also was on the local news twice during the Christmas season of 2003 and once during 2004. The first occasion I was featured with The Playfellows Skylarks performing Christmas carols dressed in Victorian costumes. We then appeared at the local television station to perform Christmas carols followed by an interview about the upcoming Playfellows Production of A Christmas Carol and Gift Of The Magi. In 2004 we were interviewed about our upcoming production of Little Women and we sang Christmas Carols as well.

Performed with The Playfellows Skylarks on WDNG radio on December 7th 2004 to advertise the Skylarks and our upcoming production of Little Women. We sang one song and the four main characters were interviewed.

On November 7th 2004 I was in a Glamour Model Pageant where I won 1st Runner up in Beauty and I took 1st Place in Talent. I performed a monologue.

In 2001 I performed an interpretive dance using mainly my upper body with four other girls to the song "Mary Did You Know" in a Christmas production at church. Later in the production I also sang "Silent Night" with the youth group. In 2002 my high school's choirs gave a performance in which we sang and dramatized various pop songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. I played a groupie chasing a group of boys portraying the Beatles while the choirs sang "Can't Buy Me Love". The part required me to scream, cry, and faint. December 5th 2003 I played The Spirit of Christmas Present in A Playfellows Production of A Christmas Carol. On December 12th 2004 I played the part of Sallie Moffat in A Playfellows Production of Little Women.

During my membership with Playfellows I contributed my talents as a makeup artist and hair stylist for the cast, stagehand, helped lighting and sound technician, and with set and costume design. I also was a volunteer secretary for the organization as well. In Playfellows I learned about many aspects of the theatre. I have also independently studied the Stanislavski Method. Based on my vocal experience I have a complete understanding of the workings of my voice. I can sing high soprano notes down to low alto notes. I have developed my own voice and technique over time yet I do stick to the basics of singing. I am very finely tuned in areas such as voice duration; dramatizations, dynamics, key change, sight-reading, and enunciation. I have lots of practice with using my speaking voice as well, because I was a directory assistance operator at one time and I can also mimic geographical dialects. I also have learned different stretches and breathing techniques required for optimum performance in singing and acting.

Current Projects

- Continuing study in method and non-method acting.
- Practicing monologue and song for May 31st National American Miss Pageant. I will be performing Katharina's monologue from Shakespeare's Taming Of The Shrew and singing "Think Of Me" from The Phantom Of The Opera. I will be participating in the following categories : Talent, Actress, Photogenic, Volunteer Service, Cover Girl, Casual Wear Modeling, and Spokesmodel as well as the main pageant for the title as Miss Alabama Teen.
- Awaiting cast list of The Outsiders which will be with Playfellows Theatre.