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Audrey Hepburn

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Audrey Hepburn
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My Inspiration

Audrey Hepburn is my role model. My idol. I admire her for being a caring and elegant person, in appearance and in spirit as well as in film and real life. She has inspired me to be a role model for young women as she is also, and to better myself and to always treat people with respect, and to be of elegant spirit and tasteful nature.

It all started when I was getting ready to go to a school dance in 8th grade. My aunt told me I looked like her in my dress and my makeup and bone structure. I was also wearing rhinestone clips in my hair that sort of gave the illusion of a tiara. I had to know who Audrey Hepburn was so I did my homework and I've seen lots of her movies. Since then I was inspired by her to be beautiful, classy, and caring. Now I love to collect Audrey Hepburn inspired things, and memorobilia and of course movies!!

"I know I have more sex appeal on the tip of my nose than most women do in their entire bodies. It doesn't stand out a mile, but it's there." - Audrey Hepburn

Movie's I've Seen

)}{( Roman Holiday
)}{( My Fair Lady
)}{( Breakfast At Tiffany's
)}{( How To Steal A Million
)}{( Two For The Road
)}{( The Children's Hour
)}{( The Nun's Story
)}{( Charade
)}{( Wait Until Dark
)}{( War And Peace
)}{( Sabrina
)}{( Funny Face

Movies I Have Yet To See

)}{( Paris - When It Sizzles
)}{( Robin and Marian
)}{( Green Mansions
)}{( Love In The Afternoon


)}{( IMDB

)}{( L'Ange des Enfants

)}{( Audrey

)}{( The Fairest