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Welcome to my site!

To unlock magical internet secrets, you should click each picture, most of them will take you somewhere, and sometimes its a cool place! A suprise in every click!! Wow!

Site Updates:


)}{( 04/14/05 - I took some new pictures so I posted those. Plus more on the black dress page.

)}{( 04/04/05 - I added a new page with some pictures. I don't have all the pictures up so be patient with me. I will eventually. Possibly in the near/very near future. Don't trust me though.

Click to see the new page

)}{( 03/31/05 - I was feeling froggy so I decided to edit my website a little. I intend to get my talent resume up at some point. I have more pictures of myself. Probably do some work on the links I have up. Add and take out some. Oh yeah. Don't forget to bookmark this website. It changes all the time and I'll always have something new to add. Email me with suggestions!!

)}{( 03/25/2005 - Its been almost exactly a month, so I'm just going to do some routine stuff. Add some more things on here and whatnot. New pictures mainly. Decorations and extra prettiful stuff. That kinda thing.

)}{( 02/26/05 - I've been working on it a little bit every other day. I have two new pages and I'm adding pictures today and a few more little tidbits. Just general stuff really. I don't know when I'll feel like actually working on the pages that don't have anything on them right now. It just depends on what I feel like doing.

)}{( 02/21/05 - Well there aren't really any updates as of now, because this website is brand new. I used to have another one on Tripod but I didn't like it anymore so I just stopped using it. It was getting stupid. Mainly what this one will be for is as kinda a huge All About Me website... because I'm a pretty complicated person sometimes, but once you get the hang of it I'm pretty easy to understand. I'll also be using this as a webpage to put my resume' on for "normal jobs" as well as my acting/modeling resume'. I'll post pictures and stuff and lots and lots of links and stuff like that as well. It'll be neat whenever I get done with it all.

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